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Perfect Perfidy: Meaning Explored

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Wanted to take the time to share a little about the Perfect Perfidy song. The surface story is of Cherrie Mahan who was abducted in 1985 in Pennsylvania, USA. She was 8 years old when abducted. There are interesting details, theories, etc. as to what happened to her. Check out a site called "websluthes" where anyone can read and talk about Cherrie’s case. For sure the truth is out there and ready to come forth.

The connection for a more hidden story in “Perfect Perfidy,” is the road Cherries bus stop abduction took place on; Cornplanter Road. Named for indigenous Seneca tribal leader Chief Cornplanter. In 1794 George Washington signed the Canadaigua treaty granting Cornplanter and his people land forever. However, in 1960 the treaty, as the Seneca saw it, was broken. The land was taken by eminent domain, to build Kinzua Dam and ease flooding downstream, by Pittsburgh, PA, by the Federal government and Army Corps of Engineers. Appeals went all the way up to then President Kennedy. Appeals were met with “fait accompli”. In building the dam, native land and burial grounds were flooded, creating a reservoir; which the Seneca call Lake PERFIDY. So the main focus in verse 1 is on Cherrie, verse 2 more the Seneca/Kinzua Dam. I found it most interesting; George Washington’s birthday and the date of Cherrie’s abduction was February 22nd. For this reason, the vocals for the song were also recorded on February 22nd.

Other complex currents ebb and flow in the song as well. With all this said, the core understanding of this song is found in the chorus. While there are natural entities called powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness and wickedness in high places; there are these entities in spiritual form, which for power and hatred of humanity oppress, distress, influence and possess any willing individual or group, knowingly or unknowingly, to do their agenda of evil; to these individual or groups’ own destruction. And ”those who live in boxes never see, your “’Perfect Perfidy’.”

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