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Linda Smouse is the Gothic Prophet. She was born in New Jersey and grew up in neighboring Pennsylvania. She was aptly named upon birth, Linda Carol, “Beautiful Song” – beginning her musical journey and call, a musical prodigy. Linda is using this musical vehicle to bring change to the world. Linda’s journey as the Gothic Prophet began during critical points in her life. She hopes to introduce a musical Spirit into those who follow her on this journey. Whether by unusual accomplishments or through extraordinary mistakes, Linda always seems to find the correct road. Those who listen will be guided through her prophecies and be brought into the wonderment of the Spirit behind it all. Gothic Prophet’s musical inspirations derive from bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Sarah Brightman.


Gothic Prophet released their debut album "A Deer in White" in June of 2019. Their follow up single, representing a profound evolution in both style and sound, "Perfect Perfidy", is set to drop worldwide on May 22, 2020.

The Marquee Superlunary reads, "GOTHIC PROPHET: A DEER IN WHITE." It's Empyrean forged, OTM... Operatic Theatrical Metal. The Sage of Lead is Linda Smouse. The minstrels that of session.
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