A Deer In White

Studio Album
Released 17 May 2019
  1. Siren
  2. The Ghost In The White Dress
  3. Masquerade Ball
  4. Oracle
  5. The Road
  6. Willow
  7. A Deer In White
  8. First Loves Call
  9. If Ever Someone Loved Me
  10. The Way Home
  11. Final Hour
  12. Love Unconditionally

Seer, Sage, and a demon that wants to kill her.

He wouldn’t openly confront her, because of certain loss; but attacks while she sleeps. The Seer’s Benevolence gives symbolic dream images of the assault. A battle ensues here and in the spirit world.

Can the Sage interpret the symbolism and awake before the demon drains her life, or will its deceptions succeed in keeping evil hidden from her?

Alas his attempts are folly! The chase is on!

Sword in hand, helped by the elvish beings of the Benevolence, the Seer pursues and corners the demon, leaving no way of escape. Her sword is plunged, and her victory won!

She awakens, smiles – was it a dream? No, it was real!